Comes To Your House

by Todd

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albinobone Is this what it's like when Todd comes to my house? I'm definitely going to hear about it from my wife after he leaves. It's like Tad's 'Salt Lick' got in a rock fight with Amphetamine Reptile, and the winner turned everything up to eleven. In short, this will mess your place up, and your spouse will be nonplussed.

Somehow, it has keyboards.
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13tracks, 35minutes.Ultra-gnarly sophmore release from the unruly instigators of in the red insanity, a decided more freaked and noisy effort from the london crew. Heeeeeaaaaavvvvvvvyyy. Right from the get go Comes To Your House attacks like a kill-hungry bear. Spinning in circles, eyes turned up in its head. TODD have got songs about naughty girls in Berlin, they've got songs about prison fights with chairs, hell they've even got a song about stabbing a dog to death!! HAAAA HAAAAAAA!!!! (Please note... no real animals were harmed in the making of this record) that's right, and it's a true story bub, lyrics written and sung by the one and only Eugene Robinson from OXBOW. TODD kindly provide a suitable backdrop of black hell-noise riffage for this little ditty. After that things get weird, really fucking weird. As soon as you think you've pinned this bitch down as some kind of stoner/noise record they go all fuckin Pussy Galore meets Devo! How is that possible you ask? Fuck knows--just listen to the goddamned thing!! Things then take another bizarre twist in the form of a song called "Council Member". The song bursts off the starting line like a drag racer on fire and within seconds it's gone, only to be replaced by what sounds like like 20 scissors? Yeah, 20 scissors. Snipping away, but why? and it just keeps going ad infinitum, until... BOOM!!! here comes some shit that kind of moves into that repetitive Load Records type territory. After that, Oh Jesus, it's all over the place. You get a tiny little casio toy keyboard that somehow manages to sound like a building falling over. You get some crazy Japanese chicks rambling about fuck knows what over the top of ridiculous ear splitting high end skree, that is so painful you'll feel personally violated, and you get sludge so thick you feel like you just ate an entire jar of family sized extra crunchy peanut butter.


released June 1, 2005


all rights reserved



Southern Records London, UK

Fiercely independent since forever, Southern Records has a musical pedigree which stretches way back to 1977, when a band called Crass was founded (and proceeded to change punk & the world forever...but that's another story). For years Southern operated as a recording studio & the biz wheels behind labels like Crass, Corpus Christi, Bluurg & Dischord, before launching an eponymous imprint in 1991 ... more

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